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Kickstarter fashion


Crowd funding has the potential to rapidly change the fashion industry. Now individuals can vote with their dollar through supporting ideas that they like before the come to market. The Versalette was one of the most successful ventures raising approximately $64,000 through the global community. To read more visit: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/revolutionapparel/the-versalette-by-r-evolution-apparel?ref=card


Social Media Case study – brief notes to be expanded

Case study:

Social Medias impact within fashion

Industry Structure:

Social Networks (originally peer to peer)

Virtual Media (Second Life)

Micro blogs (Twitter)

Blogs (WordPress / Blogger / Tuumblr)

Professional (LinkedIN)

Sharing (Flickr/ Instagram)

Organisational bodies:

General user – the individual user social media to stay in touch

Brand – uses social media to create publicity and interaction for consumer

PR company – specialise in social media marketing

Platforms – social media platform webmasters, run the sites and provide the platform

Production of artefacts:

All user generated content facilitated by the platform

Can be from the public or a brand.

Constant evolution of content. Content is never static

Constant ‘sharing’ and recycled content. Often seen on blogs or sharing content wall to wall on facebook.



Legitimated through peer network , blogging , fashion gurus

The usage is enough to show how successful

New generation of PR specialist who only deal with online media

More options for the consumer

Real time , constant updates

Diffusion mechanisms: 

Spreads online.

Though peer to peer / brand to consumer / fan to celebrity etc.

Twitter has ‘trending now’ can search popular

Tagging on facebook

Traditional media highlighting social media ie. tv, magazines

How Social Media Impacts Fashion Industry – from Jennings PR


The fashion industry is ever changing, each season spawning different trends, fads and faux paus. Social media is now putting a new spin on the already rapidly moving industry.

Until recently, the only consumer-industry interaction has been at the checkout counter or rare red carpet event. With social media booming, we see a new breed of consumer. Taking to the blogs, vlogs and tweets, consumers voice their various trend-tips, style-suggestions and fashion-feedback.

Social media offers fashion brand-loyalists a place to network with each other as well as with the industry itself. No longer does the industry have to depend on alternate trend-spotting sources and risky production decisions, they have a free real-time source of certainty through social media content. Social media now links the consumer directly to the industry.

How will this further change the industry? Due to the rapid response capability of consumers, one can predict an even faster rate of market changes. In the fashion industry, they say one minute you’re hot, the next you’re not. Now, thanks to social media, hot just became cold as consumers trend-in and trend-out through social media content. The fashion industry will now need to adapt to an already ever-changing market.

CEO of FashionablyMarketing.Me, Macala Wright, stresses the importance of internet marketing in her article “Should Fashion Brands Hire Agencies For Social Media Marketing?”

“Can two to three people blog, Tweet, use Facebook, upload videos, manage SEO, digitally merchandise product lines, implement email campaigns, manage PPC, create landing pages and coordinate online marketing with offline events?

The answer is NO. However, many companies think they can.”

“In the past three years, I’ve found that brands and retailers, namely those that are making $10-100 million in yearly gross revenue, have little idea how to approach the Internet. Until 2004, most brands and retailers thought of their sites as place holders and B2B marketing tools. They relied on brick and mortar stores to stock their lines and distribute them to consumers. Launching eCommerce didn’t become a priority until 2007, when the economy started to show signs of recession.”

The fashion industry is the perfect model for other markets to witness the impact of social media. With the world becoming a real-time, mile-a-minute, high expectation environment, keeping up with the Joneses just became creed to consumer-conscious industries.

5 Ways Social Media Changed Fashion in 2009

This article, by CEO of FashionablyMarketing.Me, Macala Wright Lee, goes in depth with five specific ways in which social media has impacted the fashion industry. And, true to the social-media creed, invites readers to post their comments asking, “What sort of brand engagement do you hope to see in 2010?

An article taken from http://www.jenningssocialmedia.com/blogged/social-media-impacts-fashion-industry/