Lagerfeld Confidential

by CharotteHannah

Lagerfeld Confidential is the first public biography of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s creative director.

In response to the question how is a fashion designer created as a celebrity I feel it is a complex area of factors that are all used to position themselves separate from the ordinary person.

Celebrities separating themselves I feel is primarily due to the lack of information that is made available to the public. A lack of information fuels interest and promotes the idea of a celebrity within the public. In the digital world currently information is easy to access. Information that is wanted but is hard to uncover automatically creates a sense on exclusivity.

Lagerfeld keeps information at bay and carefully chooses what he wants share.  When questioned in Lagerfeld Confidential who knows him, Lagerfeld stated that he doesn’t even know, and ‘how can he’? –  As he constantly ‘moulds people’s opinions’ so he can control what others think and know about him, adding to the exclusivity of his image.

Appearance can also not be discounted when referring to how a fashion designer can be created as a celebrity. Lagerfeld’s extravagant fashion choice no doubt aids to his stance as a fashion celebrity.

Lagerfeld’s extravagant fashion choice too provides him with a form of security. His glasses are his signature however he enjoys the mystery and security they provide him with. This is confirmed when Lagerfeld says ‘I don’t want to be filmed without my glasses’.

Other factors which contribute to the fashion designer as being a celebrity are;

  1. The use of social media: Now allows the fashion designer to come into the public through the creation of their own image in the       public domain
  2. Fashion bloggers are able to seek out and provide the public with more information that they would not otherwise not have access too
  3. The front row – Fashion designers often sit in the front row creating again the a form of separation between the public and the