TSEN Launch

by CharotteHannah

I recently attended the TSEN launch in Collingwood, Melbourne.  What a great way to celebrate the launch of a new line. Although it was a great night i can see how these events are in a sense manufactured to become a form of branding and advertising for the label.

At these events lots of high profile fashionable elite were present as well the blogging community. The days after the event i came to realise that in fact these events are much bigger than they appear. For days afterward bloggers wrote about the night and created and built the brand which is TSEN through the well know people who attended.

Through Facebook the ability of ‘tagging’ also helps to promote this further. Individuals can tag or be tagged and this brings the advertising into the world of social media.

The points mentioned above all help in the system and flows of fashion which is accentuated by people and technology.

Example of how branding is achieved through fashion photography. The photographer mentioned how she needed to get images of the sponsor products while photographing the guests also. This is then advertising when its posted up on the blogs and Facebook as it promotes a lifestyle along with the original brand.

*Photo from StyleZilla http://www.stylezilla.com.au/article/tsen-a-w-2012-collection-launch-295