Social Medias impact from

by CharotteHannah


“Fashion has often been thought of as an esoteric industry full of anorexic beauties, fabulous designers, and editors with more strappy sandals than common sense.  However, the industry has been undergoing a makeover of sorts as a result of our highly digitalized age.  Specifically, the vast majority of designers stream their runway shows to the major social networks, thus allowing us plebeians to get in on the action.  This immediacy means the masses are viewing, judging, and interpreting trends in a matter of minutes instead of a few months.  This has led to the rise of the fashion blogger, as well as discount chains capable of churning out near replicas of this season’s wrap dress in mere days.  In fact, it’s worth examining how social media has influenced fashion and just who benefits from the explosion of Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Tumblr, and Google+.

First and foremost, girls and boys devoted to fashion have existed since the industry began, but they were often viewed with ill-disguised amusement. After all, an appreciation of fashion is oft considered indicative of intellectual decay, but the current generation has propelled willowy bloggers to astronomical heights of popularity.  The creators of blogs suddenly have access to the privileged world of fashion; in fact, these bloggers enjoy the same privileges that used to be reserved exclusively for fashion editors.  Consequently, their blogs become saturated with specific brands and websites because corporations are now advertising their wares on these style making sites. While this is undoubtedly problematic, the fact remains that fashion bloggers offer a new eye with which to observe trends through.

However, another segment of the population benefits from fashion’s high accessibility and visibility: discount giants.  Fashion retailers such as Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, along with department store behemoths, including Macy’s, often “borrow” heavily from the runway.  Designers are quick to call foul on this practice, but companies accused of cheating deny that they’re doing anything wrong.  Furthermore, this position is supported by customers who buy the couture-inspired dresses and coats en masse.

Ultimately, social media’s impact on the fashion industry is similar to what social media has done for the world: it opens it up, allows us to interact with others regardless of distance, and gives us a sneak peek at the other side.”