Social Media Case study – brief notes to be expanded

by CharotteHannah

Case study:

Social Medias impact within fashion

Industry Structure:

Social Networks (originally peer to peer)

Virtual Media (Second Life)

Micro blogs (Twitter)

Blogs (WordPress / Blogger / Tuumblr)

Professional (LinkedIN)

Sharing (Flickr/ Instagram)

Organisational bodies:

General user – the individual user social media to stay in touch

Brand – uses social media to create publicity and interaction for consumer

PR company – specialise in social media marketing

Platforms – social media platform webmasters, run the sites and provide the platform

Production of artefacts:

All user generated content facilitated by the platform

Can be from the public or a brand.

Constant evolution of content. Content is never static

Constant ‘sharing’ and recycled content. Often seen on blogs or sharing content wall to wall on facebook.



Legitimated through peer network , blogging , fashion gurus

The usage is enough to show how successful

New generation of PR specialist who only deal with online media

More options for the consumer

Real time , constant updates

Diffusion mechanisms: 

Spreads online.

Though peer to peer / brand to consumer / fan to celebrity etc.

Twitter has ‘trending now’ can search popular

Tagging on facebook

Traditional media highlighting social media ie. tv, magazines